" Get back to yourselves to get a clear understanding of reality,  to get more strength in understanding and love, and prepare yourself to make a real contribution".

Private Retreat in Lo de Marcos, Nay, Mex.

Hello and thank you for contacting us, we invite you to read the following information very carefully.

We open the doors of our house in Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico to share, practice and enjoy the wonderful energy of being present for ourselves and others. During your stay, we invite you to enjoy a simple and quiet life, and with that, water our seeds of peace and understanding together. With Sacred Ix Cacao as our partner we will give ourselves the opportunity to look deeply and unite our hearts to manifest our true selves. We invite you to participate in community activities within the house, such as: support in the kitchen, wash dishes, as well as the organization of the ceremonial/practice space and other simple tasks. We emphasize your participation in community practice sso that we can support each other, in this way we all benefit from collective energy, and we learn to live together in harmony.

In order to deepen and water the seeds of your personal practice with the Sacred Ix Cacao, you where invited to stay with us for at least 7 days and maximum 13 days, any extension will be agreed between us all.

During our time together we are willing to share our presence, our path, the tools, practices and teachings we have learned and that are supporting us on our healing journey and expanding our hearts to love ourselves more and to fulfill our higher service during our time on Earth. Cultivating together understanding, respect, gratitude, reciprocity, a loving and kind communication we will be the light houses on our own inner journey and a light of hope for those in need.

With almost seven years working with Ix Cacao and facilitating ceremonies, we have many stories to tell. We have seen in this path our personal transformation and healing as well as the impact our service and sharing has had in many many lifes. We consider that the most important thing is love, dedication, and the attention we give to ourselves, as well as openness, the ability to let go, transform and the growth we allow in ourselves. A discipline mind and a daily practice that gives us joy supports the relationship we have with Sacred Ix Cacao, nourishing each sharing and inspiring others to shine their own light as we are willing to shine ours.

We invite you, during your stay, to actively participate in the different activities and practices to explore the path of self-realization together as a community of practitioners who willingly decided to live mindfully . We trust that you will have the necessary foundations to deepen in a clear and loving way, with respect, gratitude and reciprocity your sharing with this ancient, cosmic loving medicine from the stars form the earth. It is an honor to be able to serve you.
Amor Amor Amor, por encima de Todo.
Gustavo & Paola


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