photo by @erinleigh_alchemist

photo by @erinleigh_alchemist

Private Sessions

What a gift to share with you and your loved ones.

Private Sessions where thought as a more intimate space in time to pause, slow down, relax, breath and smile . With Ix Cacao as our partner in this journey, we will water the seeds of presence and understanding being with those we love.

We have the following for you:

1. Private Session - A cacao experience (open for all family members): We will share with you our experience with Ix Cacao and we will introduce you to the Tree and the depths of the process behind  the drink you drink in ceremonies or the chocolate bar you love so much. This session Includes a  social cacao drink. Three Hour day light experience

2. Private Session - IxCacao Ceremony (open for all family members): We will serve a ceremonial dose of 100% pure grade ceremonial cacao and we will allow the light and the love of the Universe to flow through us. Three Hour day light experience.

3. Private Session - On Line Session with Paola or Gustavo, or Both. Work/practice with us and IxCacao; Loving what arises with much more Fun and Joy, Loving ourselves even more and allowing the Love of existance to flow through us.

Contribution. For any of the private sessions you choose we have a sliding scale of $80usd - $130usd per person. Please choose what suits you better and through email, let us know the amount you picked and the date for your session to happen. Our email is : We will send an email confirming the availability of the day-hour you picked.

We hope to sit with you, enjoy your presence and have fun together.

Deposit to reserve your session day: A 30% deposit is required to book the date. Please do it through PayPal to our account (, no friends and family available, please send it in usd currency.

After all our private session happening in our house, we will share some food to ground before  you leave. It’s an honor to serve you, see  you soon.