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We open the doors of our home in "Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico" to share, practice and enjoy the wonderful energy of being Mindful as a community of practitioners. During your stay, we invite you to enjoy a simple and quiet life, and thus consolidate our inner growth and awareness together. With the company of The Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony and Ix Cacao we will all have the opportunity to look inward, go deeper and unite our hearts to manifest our true self.  We invite you to arrive with an open heart and mind as our time together unfolds. We honor your willingness to go join us in this inner journey of loving ourselves even more.

During our time together we invite you to join us for : a daily practice that gives us joy, preparing food, washing dishes,  organizing   the yoga, meditation and ceremonial hall, and other activities that hold the energy of the community. We emphasize community practice so that we can support each other , we all will benefit from the collective energy, and we will learn to live together in harmony. 

In order to further facilitate and water the seeds of your personal practice, we invite you to stay with us 7days minimum and 13 days maximum.

Our Intention: We want to share our heart, our presence, our practice and our retreat home with you. We want to Love our selves even more through the reflection we receive from others. In a natural and effortless flow, we will offer you our authentic self and we will give you the best we can, to the extend of our ability. Thank you for trusting and for allowing us to keep actualizing ourselves. We surrender and we allow the light of existance to flow through us and be used to serve you the way you need. We honor and empower you to be who you are. We salute the power and the unlimited potential in you. 

Some Background: With more than six years walking with IxCacao and facilitating ceremonies, we have many stories to tell, you might have heard some along the way. We have seen our own transformation and healing as individuals and also as a couple, a lot of layers have been transformed and some others still waiting to be loved… We believe that Love is the answer... The dedication and attention we give to it, is our own choice.

The Sacred Mayan Fire and Ix Cacao remind us in a gentle, yet deep way our ability to open our hearts and minds to the light and luminous being we already are. The practice allows us to to release, transform and grow from our own experiences, we are grateful for what we have received from our elders/teachers and for all we have gone through.  A daily practice is key for us, ( Mindful Movements, Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and The Law of Time), as well as the commitment of being 100% responsible of our own projections; The joy of walking together as a couple, also nurtures, nourishes and inspires us and others to continue shining.

We invite you to explore with us a personal and collective path of healing and self-realization . We will share what we have learned in a clear and loving way, with respect, gratitude and reciprocity.  May our time together bring blessings to all creatures on the Earth and beyond.

Some of the topics / ceremonies that will enrich this process are:  Fire Ceremony, Mindfulness Meditation and the Natural Mind; Clearing the Emotional Body; Presence, the best gift you can ever give ; Connecting with the tree, the flower and the fruit of Cacao;  Ceremonial use of Cacao (How to prepare the paste, measures and recommendations);  The Science Behind  Cacao;   Cacao and Relationships,  Group and Private Ceremonies; The Natural Time frequency; The Ancestral Ceremonies and The New Beam; Chocolates - from bean to bar. Note: This topics can vary depending on the interest and the flow of our energy together.

 If you are interested in participating in one of our retreats, please read carefully The Agreement Letter in the following LINK. If you agree with it, please click HERE to fill the Registration Form and share with us your purpose, and some important information.

It is an honor to serve you.  We are another You. KakawSana

"Be still, look within, rest into the core of your being. Peace and contentment is your essence, arrive home”