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Surrounded by Volcanoes and inspired by San Marcos La Laguna Maya Katchiquels beauty, we offer you a place to pause, nurture and heal even deeper. Its an honor to be able to share with you our intimate retreat time in the magical Lake Atitlan.


We would love you  you to experience the Cacao Ceremony through our beloved teachers Keith & Barbara Wilson (the Cacao Shaman). Their public ceremonies, as well as the private sessions, have been transformative, heart opening and very healing. This is our yearly treat during our visit to the Lake.

Every Morning we will sit together in silence  for an early meditation practice and if you are into yoga, we invite you to bring your mat and do your personal practice also.

After our morning galactic synchronization, we will share a nourishing breakfast together.  Plenty of healthy and nourishing food will be available through out the day.

Our diet is Omnivore and that  will be the food protocol during our time together. Our bodies are healing  and we are honoring and loving ourselves in that process and we are completely committed to provide appropriate and  nourishing  food for our bodies to heal . We hope you understand and travel this with ease. If you need, please bring your own supplements and treats that help your nourish and take care of your body.

We can answer your questions to the best of our abilities  and we will always be present to bring to you only what is whole to your being.

Our days  will flow accordingly to the public and private cacao ceremonies we can schedule with Keith. Meditations,  kakawsana private cacao ceremony, contemplation, silence, time alone and time with community , service and kitchen prayers, outdoors activities - walking meditation, paddle board and kajack - are available during our time together. We will be listening to the Mayan CosmoVision from our dear Mayan friends Tat Izaias and Nan Isabel, a young couple honoring their roots in deep service and sharing them  in the new beam. 

We will definitely provide a peaceful container for relaxation and inner work. We invite you to participate in this co creation and  hold a loving, kind and healing place for each other.

Our next retreat information will be updated on 2019.

Please visit our Instagram account (kakawsana) for photos from our previous retreat.