Hosting KakawSana

Cacao Ceremony




"Being able to offer this experience is truly one of the best gifts I could give someone" Rachel Rossitto.

Thanks for contacting KakawSana to share the Love of Cacao with your community. We hope this brings healing, understanding, clarity and blessings to you and your loved ones. To host KakawSana Cacao Ceremony in harmony, we invite respect, and an attitude of gratitude, and reciprocity in our relationship. We honor your willingness to be part of this.

 Please consider this important points when Hosting KakawSana Cacao Ceremony:

  • Please, provide Transportation for us to arrive and depart to/from the locations established for lodging and ceremony.
  • Please, provide a private, clean, comfortable room for KakawSana to stay two nights (the night of arrival, before the ceremony and the night of the ceremony), access to a kitchen, a health food store and a bathroom

About the space/ location we need for ceremony:

  • mats/rugs and some chairs for elders as well as cushions to sit comfortable  (if not available, participants can be asked to bring their own.)
  • a stove to heat the water, washing dishes station and bathrooms.
  • 8 oz cups to serve the cacao. (If not available, assistants can be invited to bring their own to reduce, reuse and recycle!)
  • a tall stainless steel pot - the size will depend on how many people sign up (sometimes we manage to bring it, our hosts usually have the perfect one!)
  • good sun light and ventilation for day ceremonies, and a warm light for late afternoon ceremonies.
  • the location must be safe enough for people to park and leave after the sharing. 

Important points for the Host:

  • Is in charge of : choosing the location for the ceremony, promoting the ceremony with community, doing online registration and collecting payments, as well as paying to kakawsana right after the ceremony.
  • Host is in charge of having 10 people minimum to do the ceremony. Kakawsana will not do the ceremony if this is not guarantee by the host.
  • Ceremony contribution is us$80 per person and children bellow 13 are welcome by donation and children from 13 to 19 pay half price us$40.
  • To book the date available in our traveling schedule, 30% deposit is required (30% us$240 of the minimum required - please use paypal).
  • Deposit should be done at least 3 weeks prior to our travel.
  • No refund of deposit if cancellation.

 KakawSana will:

  • Offer their Mindful presence, practice and experience holding space and sharing their hearts
  • Offer organic Ceremonial grade Cacao, a great partner for the inner journey!
  • Offer a love and kind container for all participants to  relax, be still and go within. the love of Sacred Cacao.
  • Share 33% of the income after the minimum 10 signups required are covered.
  • Bring flowers, drinking water and ceremonial grade cacao.
  • Offer Two free spots, one for Host and one for a companion
  • Offer discount to individuals that need financial help and cant afford the total fee. Cases will be seen with Host before the ceremony. 
  • Offer discounts for  families joining the ceremony.  Cases will be seen with Host before the ceremony. 
  • One work trade spot after the 10 minimum signups required. Help before and after the ceremony is always needed
  • The total income goes to Kakawsana international tickets and other expenses during our stay in the US. Thank you for your support.

 If your heart feels aligned with all the above points, please PayPal your deposit at  If you have any questions regarding above points please let us know and we would go through them together.