Keith Wilson, as people call him "the Cacao Shaman" in Lake Atitlan Guatemala, shared with us once...

"Cacao is for those who are ready to go to the next level.  Is one option among many, and for some makes an excellent partner in this portion of the journey.  I notice many folks in discussing cacao are discussing their own issues that the cacao brought to their attention and projecting those issues - as attributes or liabilities - of the cacao, rather than understanding them as their own… and then going to the next step and doing something with That..."

Clear and lovely has always been our approach to the Cacao Spirit. One can feel the touch of IxCacao Love even with out drinking it, because its about us and our willingness to go within. We have found an ally that invites us to pause and be present, and with love and kindness, rather than drama, trauma, pain etc... embrace our suffering, so we can develop more understanding and compassion, towards ourselves and others.

Allowing love and light energies to work with and within us in order to grow in consciousness, and go to the next level of awareness is one of the gifts of Ceremonial IxCacao.

"For those with an agreement to teach and heal with love… who therefore are not going to allow themselves to progress without that love… sacred cacao makes it easier to set down the big-stick cultural paradigm of going within to annihilate whatever is wrong with them. Go find the negative and put your arm around it instead.  Expect that there is a gift within, or you wouldn't have put that negativity there in the first place…" Keith Wilson.

On the other hand, our Maya K´iche´teachers have used IxCacao for centuries. On 2012 they shared IxCacao with the world; Their last secret , their last treasure came out to the world in a big Ceremony they did after 500 years since the Spanish invaded their lands. The Ceremonial use of IxCacao stills very private and sacred for them and there is no information out there about it. We have been blessed to received transmission from them and have their support to share IxCacao with the families.

Ceremonial Use of IxCacao - extracts from Keiths Blog.

"If you do not want to hear what your caring subconscious mind would have to say to you – for the consensus reality teaches us all to ignore or repress these messages - you may not like cacao, and you might keep your distance. Cacao works with you where You are… if you are on the hard bus, cacao will take you that way… you got it! Is that about you or the cacao? "

Clearing emotional and belief system issues, using or not using cacao , gets you out of your own way, so who you really are and the gifts you have can come through. They can come and get you - you won't have to look for them.

That ‘stuff’ is increasingly coming ‘up’, because it must, because it’s time, and because you made this choice before you were born… One does not go into the 'next dimension' while carrying all that emotional and belief system baggage.  In the higher energies, it would rapidly manifest!

A facilitator like cacao is going to present you with it and with the higher connectedness to move it in more elegant ways than playing it out as externally manifested dramas in the feedback called reality.  Many need personal assistance (I certainly did) in understanding the process… as it is outside of the consensus reality box and easy to judge as something you do not want to go through… however wonderful in the long run.

There are those for whom the stimulation from cacao is not something they want in their day.   For others just a taste of cacao will take them into spontaneous emotional release. There are those for whom what surfaces in emotional detox is not something they want in their day or life … because the conditioning to repress such issues leads.   Their path or schedule is different.

About that level Why do you suppose real cacao waited until now to again become better known, and with whom is She/Cacao working? 

My ceremonies and groups, in which cacao is not necessary and often unused, but helpful for many, are training and experience in navigating that level – it’s not for everyone. In contemporary lingo, we could say this is one way of blending your expanded normal consciousness with higher dimensions for the practical purpose of remembering and using the flowing inner art of healing and creating ones reality in partnership with Higher Self and the Light.

"There are many ways to address ones inner density… and always, trauma, drama, pain, and struggle are popular and time tested - you can even do them with cacao.  That’s OK… cycle through it ‘till you’re done".

And there are those who are discovering that emotional or density detox is a logical extension of mental and physical detox and they and their worlds are drawn into these understandings, and as I experience it, that is where so many are today.  Everything has prepared them well.  Cacao is one option among many, and for some makes an excellent partner in this portion of the journey.

What do you need to know before Cacao Ceremony?

  1. If you are a dog, cat (half as sensitive as dogs per body weight), parrot, and horse… your genetics do not include the metabolic enzyme that handles theobromine - if they eat cacao, have a heart attack, and die.

    1. If you are having high doses of antidepressants and anti psychotic Cacao will give you a big migraine and would not be fun. You can still participate and blend with the energy of a ceremony drinking a smaller amount of cacao.

    2. If you have high blood pressure or serious heart conditions, you should drink less amount of cacao.

    3. If you are pregnant or breast feeding let us know, you should drink less amount of cacao.

    4. Cacao is perfect for Inner-work because is a heart-centered cooperative partnership facilitator, assisting in conscious connecting wherever your intent or inner need goes. If you find yourself with a repetitive thought or image about yourself or another, take it inside, receiving it as yours, then follow whatever your Higher Self is gently getting your attention about. Assume it is about you even if it is presented (so you can receive it) as about someone or something else.

    5. "Dark shadow" density (fear, pain body, blocks, issues, conditioning, belief systems, resistance, emotional toxicity) that needs to be released, or its location in your body, will be brought to your attention. Whatever message you need will come… just like life!

    6. Your even scarier ‘Light shadow’ magnificence… where you are ready to open/ connect/ expand, will also be more accessible, if that is what’s up. I will be sitting in the proverbial pillar-of-light, and blissfully broadcastthat higher-dimensional frequency, that really makes my job easier – that’s what i do, holding space!

    7. The place of downloading higher-dimensional energies and filling until you are overflowing is what we ask for, a group of cooperative energies where we all assist each other in raising the resonance for whatever we are each here for. We will practice together the Glow Meditation and transform.

Cacao Headaches and Nausea?

  • The theobromine in cacao is diuretic, and headache is a typical physiological signal for dehydration…

  • Cacao may work with you through the emotional body, and water is often needed to “keep things flowing”, as literal metaphor and more… headache can be the re-hydrate indicator here as well… I notice that with those who drink sufficient liquid in the hours after a ceremony, the energies are better able to continue working with them for the next several days.

  • Cacao is a partnership facilitator. One of the things that it helps you communicate with is your caring subconscious mind. As Carl Jung pointed out, the language of the subconscious is symbols, images, and metaphors. In this culture, a head-heart/ left-right brain disconnect is the norm. Here a headache is the perfect metaphor - the head hurts because it is attempting to meet your expectation that it understand and solve reality - for which it is not the appropriate tool. Even with heart and higher input, the head is not the tool for things like directing one’s journey. Tho it may be the tool for getting the appropriate ticket once a destination has been chosen...

  • I often see headaches with cacao… who else tells this truth in such a direct way without a big trip. Who else will stand up in your reality and lay what you need to receive on the line, straight. In your face… from behind it… Ouch. Many headaches lessen or stop following heart opening or head-heart/ left-right brain integration work. I rarely see the headaches with those allowing emotional release or higher-dimensional downloads.

  • More stimulation than you want is overdose. Above that nausea begins. A bit more cacao and you will throw-up and feel better. More cacao and you will vomit and not feel better. Even more and you will vomit repeatedly and not feel better. Cacao is bitter… enough of any bitter will produce nausea, and with more become emetic, making you throw-up. At around 3.5+ oz (100+ gm), the average person will be miserably awake and throwing-up repeatedly for hours, perhaps much of the night. (I've had the occasional person in my ceremonies who doesn't listen to me, because they know that in the drug world, if a little bit’s good a whole lot’s better. I have learned to strictly monitor cacao availability with certain groups.)

  • Consider also that lower-dose nausea may be a metaphor – for something one wants to throw out, or for something coming in: “I can't stomach/ digest that” - for whatever life issue cacao is assisting to surface. The level of nausea drops as one releases or processes the relevant issue. Those who have been resisting such messages from themselves for some time may get a rather forceful heads-up, especially if they are headed toward manifesting something far less desirable. “If you listen to the whispers, you don’t have to hear the shouts.” (Lazaris)