Cacao Ceremony as part of your Retreat

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Thank you for contacting Kakawsana and for inviting us to be part of your retreat. Its a honor to be able to  serve you,  share our presence and the Love of Cacao. Inlakesh, i am another you.

In order to answer your call, please fill up the following form :

Retreat Leader *
Retreat Leader
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Nota: The Ceremony Contribution applies only for Ceremonies happening in San Pancho and Sayulita. If your retreat is happening in another Location let us know where and we will send the budget accordingly.
When is your retreat happening and What would be the best day for ceremony?
We want the ceremony to flow smoothly with your retreat program, that's why we offer the following options: Choose what ever suits you better. We will arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony to set everything.
We require a minimum of 6 participants per ceremony.
The contribution per person is $45 usd Based on the number of participants you selected above, please calculate the total you will contribute with.
If you have any questions regarding this application let us know, thank you.