En este camino curioso, volvimos a recordar a IxCacao. En su perfecta presencia e infinito amor, nos invita entre tantas cosas a detenernos y a respirar, para así poder escuchar, el sutil canto en nuestro interior. Ix Cacao nutre y llena de gozo a la familia y al corazón y nos invita a siempre atentos estar, a sonreir y a volar.

Hosting KakawSana - IxCacao Ceremony

Kakawsana Ceremonies are an opportunity to connect with oneself and with others, our family, close friends and community. A chance to listen to the heart an embrace with tenderness our Suffering & our Joy. Ix Cacao, as our ally in the journey … “supporting the call of Supreme Forces of Light, Truth and Divine Knowledge”… Loving ourselves even more,  transformation and healing can occur, leading us to more Inner Peace. "Paz dentro de mi, Paz en el mundo”.

What ever your spiritual path is, Kakawsana Cacao Ceremonies  will invite you to pause, mindfully breath, smile and listen the wisdom already available in you. The ceremonial intake of Cacao is a powerful Meditation of Love, which strengthens and awakens us to a deeper relationship with our inner self,with others, with the planet and with All That Is. If you feel called to Host a Ceremony,  please click HERE to get all details.

 Private Retreats


In: Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico.

Our home in the small pacific coast town of "Lo de Marcos", in the state of Nayarit, 1 hr North from the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta, offers you a container to slow down,  nurture, go deeper in your life,  and develop more compassion and understanding towards yourself and your relationships.  Through our time together, we will share our authentic presence and practice, our Joy and Happiness, our respect for community, by being for you in the here and now.  Through silence, meditation practices , the Natural Time and IxCacao as our ally ,  we will honor the gift of relationships. For more about Private Retreat click  Here

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In: San Marcos, La Laguna, Solola, Guatemaya.

The Lady of the Lake, the solid presence of the volcanoes , a quiet and private place to rest, go within, serve ourselves and those around us, is to us the perfect scenario for a deep immersion in our stuff with our ally Sacred IxCacao and our mighty companions.  We will take us all to the next level of our own existence. What a blessing, what a gift. For more information about our next retreat and how to sign in, please click HERE


  Private Session

If you prefer a more intimate session we would love to book one private ceremony for you and your beloved, your family or a friend. To know more details about our private sharings in our Home in Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico or Online, please go to Private Sessions. If we happen to be in your area sharing our love and presence, we would love to sit with you and who ever you wish to share with (your partner, your family, your friend, your associates or team work) Contact us to Schedule a your session - kakawsana@gmail.com

Cacao as part of your Wedding Ritual

As preparation for a Wedding Ritual,  Kakawsana Ceremony is a gift for the Couple and their Community (closest friends and family).  In this Ceremony, the community express their support and good intentions to the couple.  The Loving energy that IxCacao brings to all assistants allows them to open their hearts and enjoy each other, while the couple receives their support for unconditional love to flourish, grow and endure.The community and the Earth are the witness of the willingness to commit and grow together.  Follow this Link  for more information:  Plan your Blessing Ceremony

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IxCacao Ceremony as part of  your  Retreat

If you are  hosting  a yoga/meditation retreat near our area (you might be planning to do it outside San Pancho or Sayulita), and  you are feeling the call to include IxCacao Ceremony as part of your offering , we would love to share our presence and bring Ceremonial IxCacao  to your group. Follow the LINK to know more details and to schedule your date.

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KakawSana Group Retreats

Lets celebrate life and to enjoy each others company. Daily practices of meditation, yoga, mindfulness and the law of time teachings allow all of us to be more present for each other.  The invitation to all is to  slow down, pause, breath, be still, take good care of ourselves, and develop the art of doing nothing.  IxCacao as our ally  allows a natural, smooth and subtle flow. We give ourselfs time to rest, recharge and nurture. 

Join us and embrace your heart, know your mind, pause and tap into a deep silence.  Give yourself the gift of inner transformation and experience the blessings of sharing in harmony with a community living in Mindfulness. Contact us for more information about Group Retreats!

Yoga Loves IxCacao

We love IxCacao and we love Yoga, so we decided to bring them together. In this practice we take a small soft and exquisite dose of IxCacao, which, for the wonders of its components, allows a subtle and smooth flow of asanas and breathing. By uniting these two ancestral practices we travel together into our being where our wisdom lives. Yoga Loves Cacao is part of all our retreats!